Walk Now for Autism Speaks


In 2009, Autism Speaks decided it was time to re-brand their largest fundraising campaign Walk Now for Autism and along came Walk Now for Autism Speaks and the opportunity for me to change the look and feel of the site.

My intentions were to implement a more modern look representing an organization that is maturing with the times while presenting an aesthetic “wow” factor from previous years when we were very limited by the technology platform. While still limited by the same platform, we maged to find dozens of whole in which we could implement client side JavaScript hacks to further design and functionality.

The following screenshot represents the final outcome of what seemed like dozens of compositions created. Please keep in mind that this represents the 2010 sites and that I have nothing to do with the 2011 sites that are starting to pop up.

My Role

  • JavaScript Implementation
  • Event Archtiecture
  • Documentation & Training